The Beauty Of Scents.

In Eugene, when you think of scent, you think of Uncommon Scents. We are a destination store. For over 43 years Uncommon Scents has offered the finest of custom blended fragrances and body care products with a strong focus towards healthy ingredients. With a strong sense of integrity towards our customers, employees, local and world community members, we strive towards environmentally conscious business practices. As trends change and new technology is introduced, we weigh the benefits of traditional and holistic formulas with new discoveries in research of ingredients that go into the body care products we formulate and choose for our discerning customers. We work to decipher between healthy trends versus cultural fads.

We search for many of the newest fragrances available, while attempting to remain faithful to our customers who love our classic Uncommon Scents fragrances. Our fragrances and our “nose” for quality scents continue to draw repeat customers from all over the world.

Daily, customers tell us their stories of visiting our store while they were in college, or when they were kids. Daily we hear stories about the compliments our customers receive about the fragrance they have been wearing for 10, 20, 30 years. We refer to our custom blending file for scent formulas we file for customers by first name. Many times a returning customer will redefine their scent with a new fragrance note that we have introduced into our store since they visited last.

From the beginning years of our business, we have had a long standing desire to reduce waste by offering refills at a discount of our own body care formulations, and fragrances in glass bottles. Our minimalist attitude towards over-packaging encourages each customer to think how a bag or gift package may be reused, thus discouraging throw away consumerism.

We strive to provide a wonderful customer experience with a multi sensory appeal.

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher"

– William Wordsworth