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Uncommon Scents at the Meridian offers fabulous custom blended fragrances, and a whole lot more. At our store in Eugene, Oregon, you’ll find an array of self-care, hair care and body care essentials, as well as unique gifts for men and women. Explore our list of product offerings by product category below.

Essential Oils

Our essential oils are sourced from both local vendors and reputable vendors from around the world. Offerings include: Bergamot, Cedarwood, Citronella, and more. See our full list of Essential oils. Keep your bottle because when it’s empty we will refill it with your favorite essential oil for 50 cents less than the original price. We are also pleased to offer additional single-note options, as well as complex, therapeutic grade essential oil blends from Aromaland.

Fragrance Oils and Water Based Colognes

Uncommon Scents at the Meridian’s fragrance oils can be found under the Dashing Brand label. The Dashing Brand fragrance oil collection is skin-safe and contains more than 50 custom blended scents, such as China Musk, Dragon’s Blood, Himalaya, and Spring Rain. Other hard to find favorites include: Acai Berry, Cucumber Lime, Green Tea, and Tuberose.

Visit our store to peruse our fragrance options and discover the scent that defines you. Or, do like so many of our regular customers have done for years, blend and create your own unique fragrance oil with the help of owner, Eva Promen, or any of Uncommon Scents at the Meridian’s enthusiastic and well-trained staff.

Do you prefer an alcohol-free water-based cologne to a roll-on oil? We can take any of our fragrance and essential oils and blend them into a revitalizing and moisturizing body spray, also refillable for 50 cents off. So, hang on to that lovely little spray bottle and use it again.

Custom Fragrances

Welcome to the wonderful world of Uncommon Scents at the Meridian. Are you fed up with trying to find a fragrance that you can actually identify with, when most of what’s available is named after a famous “somebody else”?  It can be frustrating when popular fragrance trends don’t reflect your personal preferences. If you are searching for something unique and uncommon that expresses the rare and special qualities which you alone possess, you’re in luck.

We invite you to play, explore, blend and create your very own signature scent from our captivating and alluring selection of more than 70 fine fragrances and essential oils. Our friendly, enthusiastic and well-trained staff are here to guide you through the process.

When you’ve found that particular scent combination that expresses your essence, we’ll write it down and attach it to your name in our database. That way you can recreate it or expand on it when you’re ready for a refill. The fragrance blending process is a fun, personalized experience you can share with family and friends. Or, come in on your own some rainy afternoon, let the soothing notes from our indoor fountain and relaxing tunes inspire you to experiment and create your own uncommon scent.

Custom Scented Body Care Products

Dashing Brand custom scented products include moisturizing body lotions, massage lotions and oils, aftershave lotions and bubble bath/shower gels. Find your scent and personalize your entire body care collection.

Unscented Products

Do you have allergies, or are you sensitive to fragrance? Don’t let our name keep you away. Uncommon Scents at the Meridian is one of the few places where you can purchase entirely scent-free body care products. Choose from our own Dashing Brand selection of scent-free products, or try other unscented favorites from local product lines.

Hair Care

Uncommon Scents at the Meridian is known as the “Hair Ornament Headquarters”. Many local stylists refer their customers to us for the finest in French, Swiss and Italian hair accessories. We also feature colorful hair ties, fabric and rhinestone headbands, and the popular Annie Loto Kimono Clips made from elegant kimono fabric.

Guys, check out our large collection of fine Swiss Combs, natural wood combs and brushes, as well as beard and moustache combs.

Many of our regular vendors offer sumptuous shampoos and conditioners in all natural and refreshing scents, including travel friendly shampoo bars from local vendor, Barbara’s Soaps. In addition, we are a proud retailer of fine Natural Bristle Mason Pearson and Altesse Hairbrushes.

Natural Make-up

We carry dermatologist recommended all-natural Jane Iredale skincare makeup. Daily use of our mineral makeup is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen, which is chemical-free.

Facial Care

In addition to our ever-popular Jojoba Cream, we carry natural facial care products from respected name brands like Jane Iredale, Shamanuti and Naked Bee. We offer pure egg white facial soaps from Belgium and Sweden, as well as products from local favorite brands like Barbara’s Soaps and Syllaya Argan Skincare.

Massage Products

Our Dashing Brand body care line includes unscented massage oils and lotions which can be custom scented with the fragrance of your choice. We also carry massage candles, oils and lotions from other popular brands such as local, organic Good Clean Love, and Kama Sutra’s, Oil of Love, Honey Dust and Treasures of the Sea, Cucumber Scented Bath Salts.

Bath & Body Products

Uncommon Scents at the Meridian is your destination store for the finest in soap, bubble bath and moisturizing shower gels. We offer our own line of pure vegetable glycerin bars and custom scented bubble bath and shower gels. We also carry finely crafted bar soaps that come from all over the world and right here in Eugene. In addition, we offer a wide selection of luxurious bath salts, bath bombs, scented bath oil beads, natural body brushes, sponges, loofahs and more.

Men’s Products

We know it isn’t just women who appreciate fine soaps and unique scents. Uncommon Scents at the Meridian features an entire section of Men’s body care products from Caswell-Massey, and Pre de Provence. We are happy to support local vendors, and carry wonderful products from Butch & Harry, and Barbara’s Soaps of the Seasons. Men’s favorites include beard oils, shaving creams, soaps, lotions, Badger bristle shaving brushes, razor,s and our own, custom scented body oils and aftershave lotion.

For Travel

We know you like to travel smart and light, but not without your favorite little luxuries and conveniences. That’s why we offer YALA’s popular Silk Dreamsacks, eyeshades and travel pillowcases, as well as Bucky Brand sleep masks, pillows, and neck and body wraps. Check out our large selection of Baggallini Travel Bags, wallets, clutches and stylish backpacks. Travel-size body care products are also available so you can bring your favorites with you on the go.

Bamboo Clothing and Sleepwear

The clothing at Uncommon Scents at the Meridian is all made from bamboo. We feature clothing from the Eugene-based brand YALA Designs and from Wayi, a Seattle-based company that specializes in men’s bamboo underwear and socks. In addition to YALA’s petal-soft sleepwear and robes, we offer elegant and luxuriously soft day wear in contemporary styles, including skirts, legging, scarves, wraps, tunics and more.


Our collection of casual jewelry is on-trend and includes great affordable gifts for family and friends of any age. From whimsical friendship bracelets, charms and stackable rings from respected designers such as Roost, Boma, Clara Beau and Kutula Kiss, our earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings are sure to charm and delight.

For Baby

At Uncommon Scents at the Meridian you’ll find top quality brands like Elegant Baby, Noodle & Boo, Yala, Boon and Toysmith. Our BPH-free tub toys, sensory stimulating items, hooded bath towels, bamboo onesies and playful non-skid socks are sure to engage and delight. We also offer the safest and gentlest body care products for both Mom and baby.

Household Goods

One of our loyal customers once said, “I’ve never seen a better selection of soap dishes.” It’s true. We have everything from handmade wood and contemporary metal dishes, to decorative and vintage ceramic designs. You’ll also find convenient soap-saver inserts and travel cases. Decorate your home with our elegant votive candle holders, decorative trays, scented drawer liners, and seasonal ornaments.

For Your Environment

We specialize in a variety of scents for the space you inhabit. Options include organic incense, fine soy-based candles and wand diffusers, and a variety of electric, plug-in, car and misting diffusers. You can even carry your favorite scent with you in a decorative pendant around your neck.

Cards & Gifts

We’ve often been told that Uncommon Scents at the Meridian is our customers’ favorite stop on their search to find gifts for any occasion. Whether it’s for close friends and family or casual acquaintances, you’re sure to find something that any recipient will delight in receiving. In addition, we offer contemporary and popular Cardthartic Cards and beautiful handmade blank cards from three local vendors. Our card collection also includes a line from our staff member, Christianne Hauber, called Cards by H.  Each offers an evocative image or truly earnest and caring message.

We also provide gift packaging. Choose from our brightly colored Kraft bags with tissue for $1, classic white boxes with gold elastic bands or decorative Cello bags with colorful sizzle for 50 cents.

Gift Certificates

Can’t decide on a gift? There is always the option of purchasing an old-fashioned, handmade gift certificate for any denomination you desire. Many of our customers choose just the right amount that enables the recipient to create their very own custom blended fragrance. We’ll let you take the empty bottle with you as an enticement.